• Mrs B’s Pop and Colour for Prep Pack
  • Mrs B’s Pop and Colour for Prep Pack
  • Mrs B’s Pop and Colour for Prep Pack

Mrs B’s Pop and Colour for Prep Pack

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Mrs B’s Pop and Colour for Prep Pack includes the Trademarked, Sensory 100s Chart™️ and 48 page, full colour activity book.

Aligned to the Number Strand of the Australian Curriculum, Mrs Bs Pop and Colour for Prep completely revolutionises teaching and learning Number for beginners.

For the first time ever, children have a framework for understanding Number that leverages off a hands-on, multi-sensory resource.

According to the Australian Curriculum, by the end of the preparatory year, children need to have developed their Number Sense to 20.

This includes counting (both forwards and backwards) to and from 20 and demonstrating one-to -one correspondence, which means they can say one number and assign it to one object.

By the end of Prep children should be able to recognise quantities and numerals to 20 and count on or and backward from any starting point.

Prep children should also experience the role of zero and ten in our Base 10 Number system.

Mrs Bs Sensory 100s Chart revolutionizes mathematics because it’s the first resource EVER to explicitly demonstrate every aspect of Number Sense and in a MULTI – SENSORY way.

Research proves children need to learn number concepts through the use of models and manipulatives. This because Number is abstract and children cannot make sense of it without having something to attach their understanding to.

Mrs Bs Pop and Colour activity sets are the first, holistic system to combine both curriculum content with a comprehensive, multisensory resource!