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Groundbreaking Number Facts method OUT NOW!

For children to become successful and CONFIDENT in maths it’s essential they have a solid grasp of their NUMBER FACTS!

NUMBER FACTS are basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts children should be able to do in their head (almost automatically) so they can start developing more complex problem-solving skills.

The humble hundreds chart is a fantastic resource for children to develop efficiency with their addition facts to 100 because it provides a framework for children to see PATTERNS.

Research proves children benefit exponentially when they can explore maths concepts in hands-on ways. This is because maths is abstract and young children can’t think in abstract terms.

For these reasons, Mrs Bs Fast Facts method™️, gives children a groundbreaking opportunity to learn and understand their addition facts because it’s explicitly designed to help children identify patterns within the 100s framework and is supported by a MULTI – SENSORY, hands-on resource.

It’s another reason I say, I can advance children years in mathematics.