By Emma Price

Why Your Child Needs This Pop It: Keeping the Numbers Fun

I have no doubt that the lessons you enjoyed when you were a child were the ones that were the most interactive and stimulating. While chemistry is often cited as a subject full of facts and formulas, it’s surprising how many of these formulas you can remember when your teacher has just blown up a plastic bottle full of hydrogen.

 While it may be difficult to create a similarly thrilling experience in mathematics, it’s important to avoid the somewhat dreary nature of numbers simply being written on boards and pieces of paper. Teachers have traditionally used 100s charts to introduce children to the world of numbers, however, Mrs B’s Sensory Pop-It 100s bring an engaging and interactive new dimension to the process.

 By allowing children to physically interact with numbers in an entertaining way, Pop-It 100s Charts help keep children focused on their learning. With the multisensory charts allowing children to easily understand how numbers fit together, and their various patterns and groups, the charts turn mathematics into a physically interactive subject – an especially important factor when teaching numbers to younger children.