By Nicole Batzloff

The Problem With Small Minds…

When my youngest daughter started Prep, her bestie was (and still is) pretty perfect. Bestie has beautiful handwriting, she’s extremely bright and her Mum makes Kate Middleton’s hair stylists look like amateurs. Bestie is adorable in every way.

My daughter on the other hand, like all my children, has terrible handwriting. Her fine motor skills are shocking. Using scissors and colouring are not her superpower and in a Prep classroom, these skills carry a lot of weight.

Comparing herself to Bestie, I realized, maybe a bit too late, my daughter thought she was stupid. Despite having a wonderful teacher, Prep really eroded my daughter’s self-confidence and how she identified as a learner.

Recently, parents of twin girls approached me to let me know they had purchased my Sensory 100s Chart™️ when their girls were three years old. Now the girls were counting to 100 and about to start Prep.

Of course, I was happy to hear this, but I also explained the kids would benefit greatly with my Pop and Colour for Prep book, which is aligned to Australian Curriculum and would soon be released.

I told them I could add them to the wait list for this product.

They told me they were not interested because they were concerned their girls would be too advanced and become bored at school. Their comment made me reflect upon my own daughter’s Prep experience.

When children embark on their school journey there are so many factors and influences that can make or break their self-belief. Yet, how they identify as learners is the most important factor of all.

If they believe they can learn, they will. I know the children who are getting and using my Sensory 100s Charts™️ before Prep are quite advanced consequently. I also know for some kids; this is the only area they thrive. If children can look around their classroom and feel proud to do what others can’t because of my product, then I want them to have that moment. I want them to have a little rock star moment! There will be a million other opportunities for them to be knocked off their pedestals.

I am super proud to announce my Pop and Colour for Prep book is out now. For those who already have a Sensory 100s Chart™️, you can download it for $8.95 or it can be purchased in a pack with the book and Sensory 100s Chart™️ for $33.95.

Yours in Education
Mrs B